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Remember Skyline? The horrible alien action flick that started with a wing and a prayer, filming in the condo of owned by the directors Strause? We all thought it would be good, but sadly it wasn't.


But Japan thought it was so good, people would want to have sex with it. So they made a Skyline sex toy.


Behold the Tenga! What is a Tenga, you ask? Basically, it's a different version of the Fleshlight, meaning you put your penis in there. Why was this created? Well, urm, in the film the alien victims were "sucked" into the sky, and now you can have the film suck on you, with this toy. Honestly the film sucked in general, so maybe that's why this was created. So much inappropriate suckage. Here's the press release going around with this contraption:

Tenga has collaborated with fashion brands and other companies to put out similar promo goods before, but this is the first time they've made them to push a film. Tenga is known for its "suction power," and there are scenes in Skyline where humans get sucked up by aliens, so that's the flimsy logic holding all this together.

Just horrible. Why can't they make a sex toy for things we're into — like an Avatar ponytail sex thingie? We'd be into that. Well, maybe not.



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