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Get Your Mystery Science Theater 3000 Fix Anytime

Illustration for article titled Get Your Mystery Science Theater 3000 Fix Anytime

Have you watched your copy of MST3K's "Mitchel" or "Cave Dwellers" so many times that the DVD has become worn through, like me? Never fear Utter Nerd is here to quench your sci-fi comedy needs. Hang out with Crow and Servo every minute of the day with a ginormous collection of MST3K episodes at your disposal. Check out the glorious selection from "Leech Woman" to (my personal favorite) "Hobgoblin". But if you're feeling extra frisky, check out "The Magic Voyage of Sinbad". It's worth every minute of the download. Hurry before it's inevitably taken down by the mad scientists. [Utter Nerd]


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@edosan: You know, that's kinda hard to do when about 95% of these episodes have never been on DVD and never will due to rights issues. I buy what I can, but would you prefer that most of the series get lost to the mists of time, or that it get pirated?