Get Your First Look at Mr. World, American Gods' Creepy Villain-in-Chief

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So far, there hasn’t been a ton of menace on American Gods. Creeping dread? Yes. Believable techno-mystical threats? Sure. But the Starz series’ most formidable antagonist shows up in next week’s episode, when latter-day deity Mr. World shows up to talk to Shadow and Wednesday.


Played by Crispin Glover, Mr. World is the leader of the new gods that are on a collision course with the old-world celestials. In the clip above, he introduces himself to Shadow and Wednesday in bizarrely affected fashion. In the 2001 novel, Mr. World is something of a non-descript yet omnipresent entity, able to go wherever he wants and fading from folks’ memories almost instantly. Based on this first tease, Glover’s going to bring the same idiosyncratic intensity that made him so memorable in the Back to the Future and Charlie’s Angels movies.


Episode five of American Gods airs this Sunday on Starz.

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Platypus Man

I wasn’t sure how Crispin Glover would be as Mr World (since I only know him as George McFly), but yeah, this is... good. But this series has style for days so I can’t really be too surprised.