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Tor Books, one of the biggest and most venerable publishers of excellent science fiction writing, has just launched a new blog that promises to bring the crunchy goodness of a Tor book to your RSS reader every day. With contributors like scifi authors Charles Stross and John Scalzi, as well as scifi art maven Irene Gallo and Tor editor Liz Gorinsky, you can expect cool essays on everything from trends in scifi writing to science experiments with testosterone. The best part, though, is that the site will feature regular doses of free fiction.


Patrick Nielsen Hayden, editor-in-chief of Tor Books, writes in an introductory post that is embracing the subculture of scifi and fantasy fans, inviting them to join the conversations that usually only scifi editors get to have:

Much of what has driven is our desire to more fully contribute to the great conversation that is the subculture of SF-that river of talk, in person and in print, that has surrounded and informed science fiction and fantasy (and "the universe," and "related subjects") since SF fans began cranking out fanzines and organizing meetups in the early 1930s. That conversation has done nothing but expand. It is a major tributary to the modern Internet. aspires to be part of that conversation.

Reading is like jumping into a room where a lot of my favorite scifi writers and bloggers are chatting. Can't wait for more! [via]


@BillNapier: I've been downloading and reading the MobiPocket editions of Tor's free ebooks on my Palm handheld with the free MobiPocket Reader [1]. I had to fiddle with the font settings a bit, but the app works pretty well and is easy to use. Scalzi's "Old Man's War" and Robert Wilson's "Spin" are my favorites so far.

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