Who cares if James Gunn said Baby Groot wasn’t about selling toys, he’s still going to sell a crap ton of toys. Hell, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 isn’t even out yet and there’s already a “life-size” Baby Groot available for pre-order.

Big Bad Toy Store announced it’s releasing a 10-inch hand-painted Baby Groot figure made from foam rubber and latex. According to the site, it was created using the digital files from the movie, to ensure screen accuracy. And I’ll admit, it looks pretty authentic. Just look at his little smile and giant cavernous eyes filled with hope.


And the best part? It’s only like $30. In the words of Dr. Zoidberg, I’ll take eight!

Guardians 2 already has so much going for it ahead of its summer 2017 release. The trailers hint at an exciting and well-teased story with engaging characters, plus there’s already a kick-ass soundtrack in the works. But the cutest and coolest piece of the puzzle has to be Baby Groot, who is going to sell so much shit at the Disney Store. Gunn might insist it’s not about the toys, but I don’t care, I want all the things.

[Heroic Hollywood]


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