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This short about a princess with a badass sword is absolutely lovely

This Must Be the Only Fantasy is a Dungeons & Dragons style collaboration between fashion line Rodarte and photographer Todd Cole. The short movie is packed with amazing unicorns, badass ear cuffs, Elijah Wood drop ins, faeries, and self important pauses. But we love it.


The soundtrack was scored by Beach House. Look — if any fashion house was going to take on a D&D style short, it makes sense aesthetically with all their leather-wrapped shoes and pointy collars. This feels like something right out of Jareth the Goblin King's closet. Can the next short be a mashup of McQueen and early 90s scifi Nickelodeon shows?


[via The Creators Project]

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Annalee Newitz

I thought that was completely awesome. I have no idea what it meant, really, but any time a girl in a princess dress fights with a sword, I am pretty much on deck.