Get Yelled At By Avatar's Colonel, And Watch New Flying Alien Footage

The hideously scarred tough guy from James Cameron's Avatar finally gets his chance to put us in our place. Colonel Quaritch explains just how dangerous the planet Pandora really is. Also, new concept art and video from our new colony.

The video above comes from Avtar's new viral marketing site AVTR which is just jam packed with videos, art and stills. Including this concept art, which looks like the human base on Pandora, which is completely tricked out with security systems, fences and some possibly heavy artillery.


And just in case you can't hear the actor Stephen Lang here's what the man is trying to get through to you.

You are not in Kansas any more. You are on Pandora, ladies and gentlemen. I'd be on the defensive, everything that crawls, flies or squats wants to kill you and eat your eyes for JuJu beans. It's a harsh place, people. Do not wander. We have an indigenous race of humanoids who are very hard to kill. If you want to survive, you need to have a strong mental attitude. Questions? That's all.


And finally in giant blue alien news there is a Japanese TV Spot for Panasonic that shows some footage we haven't seen before. It's brief, but you get a feel for the wing span of the flying creatures, and how the natives go about riding on the backs of these monsters.

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Boy is Conquistador Hugh Jackman gonna be pissed when he finds that lady hanging a flat panel on his tree of life.