On the list of the many, many things you’ll be missing if you aren’t attending this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, you might want to add “Virtual Rick-allity,” a new game that puts you inside the uncomfortably great Adul Swim series Rick & Morty. Please enjoy all 13 seconds of its preview trailer, here.


It’s so short it would be irritating if I didn’t want to play it so much, but my desire to play it is solely because it’s the closest anyone is going to come to getting a new Rick & Morty episode until whenever the hell season 3 arrives. If you are attending Comic-Con, you can play for free at “Adult Swim on the Green July 21-24 from 11a.m.-6p.m.”

Rob Bricken was the Editor of io9 from 2016-18, the creator of the poorly named but fan-favorite news site Topless Robot, and now writes nerd stuff for many places, because it's all he's good at.

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