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Get Used To Eddie Murphy In Batman 3, aka Gotham

Illustration for article titled Get Used To Eddie Murphy In Batman 3, aka Gotham

The Sun reporter Gordon Smart stands by his report that Eddie Murphy will party all the time as The Riddler in the Dark Knight sequel — which he claims will be called Gotham.


The fandom world is calling for Smart's head for putting Eddie Murphy and Batman in the same sentence, let alone the same movie. But Smart, who claims people laughed at him when he touted Daniel Craig as the next Bond, insists that both Murphy and Shia LaBeouf will be in the next Dark Knight, or Gotham as he's calling it.

LaBeouf will play Robin — or as you may remember him, the one character whose presence would be enough to make Christian Bale walk out on the next movie.


Forget WB's on the record denials and common sense, Smart stands by his tip. You know, it's okay to admit you were drinking at work. Acceptance is the first step. [The Guardian]

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damnit, now I'm going to be humming Party All the Time for the rest of the day.

I swear to baby jebus, if you put up a pic of Don Johnson's Heartbeat, I'm gonna reach through the screen and throttle you.