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Get trapped inside an outpost with a gooey killer, in Syfy's Helix

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Check out the first official footage from Syfy's horrific new series Helix, after the teaser we exclusively premiered back in July. It looks as though that black goo isn't just killing people — it's also turning them into murderers. Or possibly taking them over?


Favorite line from the above trailer: "We aren't just violating international law — we're violating the laws of nature!" Aw yeah. Helix premieres on Syfy on Friday, Jan. 10.

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John Hazard

"Play God- Pay the Price."

"...we're violating the laws of nature!"

Man, Ron Moore really hates science. Why doesn't he just do a show about God and angels, and stop dressing it up like science fiction? It really worked for Bad Robot. Their pseudo- science fiction-y shows Lost and Fringe couldn't handle the hard sci fi, so they turned to gobbeldygook about love affecting space and time. But Sleepy Hollow is just about magical crap, and it works way better. Back off of science, Ron Moore! America doesn't need to be taught to hate science and love mysticism.