The Flash's fiercest — and most frigid — foe has joined his TV series. EW reports Prison Break's Wentworth Miller will don the parka and weird white glasses (metaphorically speaking) of Leonard Snart, a.k.a. the freeze-gun-wielding Captain Cold.

But will he have his trademark gun, or will he have actual ice powers granted by the accident that created the Flash? No idea, but executive producer Greg Berlanti has implied that Cold will lead the group of Flash's enemies known as the Rogues, just as he does in the comics.


Here's hoping that Miller doesn't have to make any Schwarzenegger-in-Batman-and-Robin-type ice puns. But is it wrong of me to hope that Grant Gustin's Flash does, purely to irritate his foe? Sorry, but imagining the Flash yelling "Ice to see you!" to an increasingly furious Captain Cold just sounds delightful to me.

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