Get Some Holiday Cheer For Free From Marvel

It's A Wonderful Life not giving you that warm glow anymore? White Christmas not cutting it these days? Marvel Comics feel your pain, and they're here to help with a free online anthology.

The Marvel Digital Holiday Special offers appearances by many familiar Marvel heroes - and, of course, Santa Claus, who belongs to the world - as well as some leftover Skrulls who missed their shot at fame during this summer's Secret Invasion. But the star of the whole package is the return of Jack Russell, the infamous Werewolf by Night (Yes, he's really called Jack Russell) in a one-page story that would be worth the price of admission all by itself, if the price wasn't zero dollars and zero cents. Who said this isn't the Mighty Marvel Age Of Making Your Yuletide Bright?


Marvel Digital Holiday Special #1 [Marvel]

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