Get some awesome swag and help send fans of color to scifi conventions

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Science fiction and fantasy conventions are amazing places, where people settle debates in real time, play games, dress up and geek out about books, TV and movies. The one thing that makes cons even more awesome is when there's diversity among the attendees. And you can help with that!

Con or Bust helps fans of color to attend science fiction and fantasy cons, andits annual fundraising auction runs from Feb. 10 to Feb. 23. Currently, the items being auctioned include having a poem written for you by author Jane Yolen, a signed copy of The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison aka Sarah Monette, and a signed copy of various Jo Walton books. Peruse the items on offer here.

New stuff is being added all the time, so check back between now and the Feb. 10 start date. But what's also great is that you can add stuff to be auctioned as well — just use this handy form to submit your item, and you're all set. And then we can all help to make those late-night hallway arguments about Saruman versus Scaramanga even more excellent! (Speaking of which, Scaramanga would kick Saruman's butt.)

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Someone explain this to me like I am five because this seems like a scheme to me.

I can see donating money to kickstarters where non-white actors, producers, writers, comic arts, illustrators, etc, need help getting their projects off the ground. But this is just a bunch of people who want to go to a con. They want people to pay for their trip and expenses. Also, while I can see having more diverse panels at cons would be beneficial in the long run how is having a more diverse audience better than a non-diverse audience since the audience is not producing anything by attending cons outside of generating profit for the con, itself? How is having a room full of mono-ethnic fans somehow a lesser thing that a room full of diverse fans? (Does it matter if that mono-ethnic group is made up of white fans? What if it's non-English speaking, non-American white fans. Like a room full of Russian fans? Or what if that mono-ethnic group was made up of non-white fans, non-English speaking fans? Like a room full of Japanese fans. Would that be better or worse?)

It just seems like a scheme to get people to pay for your hobby. Also, I'm Puerto Rican. If this works, can I get some of that sweet, sweet con con money?