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Get Ready, Southeastern United States, the Sharknado Is Coming For You

Illustration for article titled Get Ready, Southeastern United States, the Sharknado Is Coming For You

Sharknado 3: Has This Joke Run Its Course Yet? has announced its next target and it's, well, most of the southeastern coast of the U.S. It sounds like our leads are going to be running from a sharknado that chases them. Is this a tornado of Voodoo Sharks?


Now that the major metropolitan areas of Los Angeles and New York have been devastated by this totally possible natural disaster and excellent Halloween costume, the question of where it will hit next has been on all our minds. And we have an answer:


Things of note: Orlando location seems to hint that a theme park is going to get some unwanted sharky destruction. While Walt Disney World would be fun, I'm betting that, since Syfy's parent company is Universal, it'll be Universal Studios that takes the hit. And obviously D.C. means some Capitol destruction is coming to summer 2015. Or, as I've said before, "let's just Independence Day the shit out of the concept."

Here's something else to think about: Is it one Sharknado that's going from DC to Orlando or a spate of them? Regardless, look forward to an Ian Ziering and and Tara Reid roadtrip next summer.

[via Slashfilm]

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I actually thought the title was "Sharknado 3: Has This Joke Run Its Course Yet?" for a second. Some brief googling made me sad.