Get Ready For the Next Big Animated Film: Untitled Kung Fu Space Western

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There is nothing about this project that doesn't reek of awesomeness. Deadline recently broke the news that Reel FX Animation Studios has signed a long-term deal with writer/director Jorge R. Gutierrez — whom they worked with for The Book of Life — and the next film on their docket is an untitled kung fu space western. Yes please.


There are a lot of ideas going on in that title alone. Enough that it's just fun to say. Here's the synopsis that appeared on Deadline:

The Untitled Kung Fu Space Western centers on one of the galaxy's most charming outlaws, the leader of a funny, ragtag crew of rebel bandits that are put on a collision course with a legendary villain to determine the fate of the galaxy. Said Gutierrez: "Our heartfelt film will be a funny mash-up of some of my favorite influences: '90s Kung Fu films, Spaghetti Westerns of the '60s, and the epic Space Adventures of the '70s, '80s and today."

That sounds like a simple, standard plot. Embroidered by a giant pile of influences and genres. Honestly, if you're doing a kung fu space western, the plot should not have too many twists and turns.

Along with the news, the studio released a bit of early concept art, which looks just gorgeous. It's above, and it continues to be as gorgeous as we'd expect art from Gutierrez to be.



Untitled Kung Fu Space Western. There's your title right there.