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Get Ready for the Big Ash vs Evil Dead Finale With a Marathon Binge-Watch

Illustration for article titled Get Ready for the Big iAsh vs Evil Dead/i Finale With a Marathon Binge-Watch

Ash vs Evil Dead ends its glorious first season on Saturday night. Prep yourself for maximum season-finale enjoyment with Starz’ mini-marathon, which will air three episodes a night tonight, tomorrow, and Wednesday leading up to the big finish (preview below)—which looks blood-soaked and absolutely bonkers.


Here’s the complete schedule:


Monday, December 28th at 9:00 PM PT/ ET - “ASH vs EVIL DEAD” episodes 101-103

Tuesday, December 29th at 9:00 PM PT/ET - “ASH vs EVIL DEAD” episodes 104-106

Wednesday, December 30th at 9:00 PM PT / ET - “ASH vs EVIL DEAD” episodes 107-109

Saturday, January 2nd at 9:00 PM PT /ET - “ASH vs EVIL DEAD” episode 110 – Season Finale

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I’ll binge watch when I can buy the BR or watch on Netflix.