Get Ready For James Cameron's Space War

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

We have a brand new plot description for James Cameron's long-awaited Avatar, for your spoilery pleasure. And we also have a blurry glimpse of the filming of Star Trek, if you want to risk eyestrain for the sake of the Federation. We also have exciting spoilers for Star Wars: Legacy, Doctor Who, Lost and Stargate: Atlantis.


Avatar is about a paraplegic war veteran from Earth, played by Australian actor Sam Worthington. He's taken to another planet, inhabited by a race of humanoid aliens who are at war with Earth.

Meanwhile, Avatar director James Cameron suggested Worthington to McG, who's directing Terminator 4. (This may mean Cameron is warming up to the sequel.) Worthington will play Warren, a "key figure" in the war against Skynet alongside Christian Bale's John Connor. [Variety]


More spoilers:

  • A local station's traffic copter flew over the filming of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movie. You can see a fake ice sheet, some greenscreen shooting, and a spaceship. [TrekMovie]
  • Not only will there be lots of new robots in Transformers 2, but we'll see different "species" as well, says director Michael Bay. [Comic Book Resources]
  • General "Thunderbolt" Ross isn't a villain in The Incredible Hulk, he's "conflicted," says actor William Hurt, who has an incredibly long and boring explanation. [CBR again]
  • Dark Horse comics for May include Star Wars: Legacy #24, in which Cade Skywalker hatches a desperate plot to stop the Sith, and Serenity: Better Days #3, in which a member of Mal's crew is captured and tortured (again?). [Comics Continuum]
  • The new Doctor Who series may feature a topless Dalek, and the return of the Judoon. At least, those costumes were removed from an exhibition for "filming purposes." [Elsmore]
  • Heads up, shippers: Lost episode six features a "passionate kiss" between Jack and Juliet. [Spoiler Geeks]
  • New details about some fifth-season Stargate: Atlantis episodes. "The Daedalus Variations" will probably focus on the Daedalus, the battle-cruiser commanded by Col. Steven Caldwell. Another, as-yet-untitled, episode will feature "extreme Shep-whumpage," meaning John Sheppard gets beat on. Also, the Replicator storyline will continue despite the absence of Torri Higginson, who appeared to be the leader of a new rogue group of Replicators in the episode "Be All My Sins Remembered." [Gateworld]

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Chris Braak

@mitchel_stevens: The only way to know for sure would be to get dinobots to interbreed with regular transformers, and see if they produced viable offspring. But, since—so far as I know—there's only ever been one transformer chick, this experiment seems impossible.

Certainly, the dinobots represent different species of dinosaur. So, I guess the question is, are they robot humanoids that turn into robot dinosaurs, or robot dinosaurs that turn into robot humanoids?

Did I blow your mind there? Whoah! Here, let me fix it: