The 5th Indiana Jones movie plot has been leaked. And this time it's set in the Bermuda Triangle with Shia LaBeouf. Fingers crossed Spielberg finds a way of "hilariously" punching Mutt in the dick repeatedly once again.

Completely unsubstantiated rumors are circulating out of Music Rooms via TheFilmStage that Indiana Jones 5 will film next year, and will be set in the Bermuda Triangle. But this time Harrison Ford is merely on "stand-by" and Shia LaBeouf is back, possibly as the main star? Then again, Ford could just be "waiting" we're not 100% sure what they're implying. But after the last movie we're sure there will be a lot more Mutt this time around. Music Rooms says that Lucas and Spielberg are almost finished with the script, which a source is claiming will be "an exciting conclusion for the franchise."


But don't get too sad, haters of the Crystal Skull — the source is also claiming that the pair insist that this film "won't contain lots of state-of-the-art special effects" and will remain true to the original series.

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