Get ready for Indiana Jones and the oh we don't care anymore

The 5th Indiana Jones movie plot has been leaked. And this time it's set in the Bermuda Triangle with Shia LaBeouf. Fingers crossed Spielberg finds a way of "hilariously" punching Mutt in the dick repeatedly once again.

Completely unsubstantiated rumors are circulating out of Music Rooms via TheFilmStage that Indiana Jones 5 will film next year, and will be set in the Bermuda Triangle. But this time Harrison Ford is merely on "stand-by" and Shia LaBeouf is back, possibly as the main star? Then again, Ford could just be "waiting" we're not 100% sure what they're implying. But after the last movie we're sure there will be a lot more Mutt this time around. Music Rooms says that Lucas and Spielberg are almost finished with the script, which a source is claiming will be "an exciting conclusion for the franchise."


But don't get too sad, haters of the Crystal Skull — the source is also claiming that the pair insist that this film "won't contain lots of state-of-the-art special effects" and will remain true to the original series.

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