Get Ready for Haphead, a Series About Gamer Subversives in Dystopia

This Thursday, we'll be posting the first two episodes of Haphead, the new web series from the brain of Jim Munroe (Infest Wisely, Ghosts With Shit Jobs). Here's the trailer.

The episodes will also be screened in Toronto on Thursday, Jan. 22, at the Royal Theater.

Here's the synopsis:

Ten years from now, a new haptic peripheral makes videogames so immersive that people learn skills just by playing. Maxine makes less than minimum wage at the factory where they make them, so she decides to become an unofficial beta tester by stealing one for herself. At home, her favorite rabbit-ninja game gets a whole lot more punishing, with the haptic feedback loop beating lethal skills into her muscle memory. Which is good: she needs to level up quick once her employer discovers her on-the-job theft.

Luckily, she's not alone. There are other hapheads out there, with a variety of game-trained abilities. But while some of them are kindreds, one of them brings death….

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Well, if a game requires coordination, speed and strength in the real world, I, along with a lot of middle aged people, am out. I'm not a sports buff. If games become too much like sports, I'm out. I play games for lots of reasons but one of them is because I know I don't have the physique of an olympian and never will have—and I am a reasonably fit person, just old.

Life is not a game, if only because we don't get save files to return after failure at some task. Nor can life be optimized like a game. It's all write once only.

Anyway I think I like the premise of Ghosts With Shit Jobs better.