Forget Where Tyrion Is? Get Caught Up On Game of Thrones In Two Minutes

Having trouble remembering where all your favorite (surviving) Starks and least favorite (surviving) Lannisters ended up last season on Game of Thrones? We've got you covered with our exclusive video, revealing where each main character is, where they're going and most importantly, what they're doing.


Man, I know Bran might end up being the most important figure in this whole thing, but it does sound incredibly unimpressive when you describe his situation like that. Also, I know there's no Rickon, but nobody knows what the hell is up with Rickon. He may be on Skagos, which may be full of cannibals. Rickon may have been eaten. He may be a cannibal now. He may charge in at the end of season 7 at the front of an army of cannibals. There's just no telling.


Oh sure, mention that he might be a cannibal but not that he might be taming freaking unicorns on Skagos. He could be leading the cannibal army on the back of one of those.