Today Futurama creator Matt Groening celebrated the death of his beloved scifi series with two special treats for fans at Comic-Con. First, the cast of Futurama did a table reading of act one of the series finale, followed by a screening of act two. Then, Groening announced a Futurama/Simpsons crossover.

The Futurama/Simpsons crossover will happen sometime next year — so get ready for cross-world madness. You haven't seen the last of Bender and the crew.


Meanwhile, we guzzled a truly awesome drought of the series finale of Futurama. It's one of the show's awesome brain-teasers involving time travel.

Spoilers ahead!

We begin with everybody visiting Luna Park, where people on the rides are advised to "barf with the wind." When Bender vomits up a bunch of bolts, one catches in the machinery and sends Leela shooting outside the Moon dome to her death. Luckily, she has a Leela-sized balloon with her and manages to survive by inhaling oxygen from it and hiding inside a stuffed animal (long story). When she returns to the Moon safe and sound, Fry realizes that he can't live without her and needs to propose. "Awww, my little meatbag is growing up," Bender says when he hears Fry's plan.

Let it be noted that as the table reading was going on, producer David X. Cohen was reading the set directions, one of which included: "Fry's eyes narrow as in the Fry Meme image."


Meanwhile, the professor has invented a "time button" which allows him to reverse time by 10 seconds. There's a great scene, full of careful time travel plotting (yes, really) where we see the principle. Why doesn't the button take them back infinitely, if you press the button again and again? Well, it needs ten seconds to charge up again. So you can relive the same ten seconds, but you can't go any further than that. Plus, the professor also has a "time shelter," which isn't affected by the backwards jumps. So time keeps going forward normally inside the shelter, but changes outside.

Immediately, Fry and Bender use the button to steal a ton of diamonds for the ring that Fry presents to Leela later that day at a restaurant. He tells her to meet him at the Vampire State Building that evening if she wants to accept, and not to show up if she doesn't. Fry's plan is to keep hitting the button over and over so that the sunset lasts for a really long time while they enjoy their proto-nuptial moment. What could go wrong? Pretty much everything.

Leela doesn't show up, so Fry decides to throw himself off the building. But then he sees Leela arriving, and realizes his watch is 35 minutes fast because he's been jumping backward in time but his watch kept running. So Leela has come! Luckily, Fry can jump backward ten seconds in time and erase his jump . . . except unfortunately he can only go back to the point when he started falling. It's an infinite jump loop! Can the gang inside the time shelter help him? Given that the second act ends with Fry splatting into a giant pile of bloody goop in front of Leela, there's going to be a lot to, um, clean up in the final act. When it airs September 4, you'll know all.

After a speed drawing contest, during which Matt Groening cheated ridiculously, it was announced that Groening was "guilty of crimes against animation and you and Futurama are hereby sentenced to death by snu snu!!" Of course it would be death by snu snu. How else would this show go out?