Get Paid To Warp Minds!

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If you're a published SF author with a PhD, MA or MFA in writing, then this could be your big chance to jump on the gravy train of academia. University of California, Riverside is seeking someone to teach science fiction writing to undergrads, grad students and MFA students. The job comes with an associate or full professorship, and salary commensurate with experience. The best part of the job ad is the list of genres a qualified applicant can have published in: "science fiction, fantasy, horror, magic realism, slipstream fiction, transrealism, interstitial fiction, the new weird, dark fantasy, new wave fabulism, cross-genre and post-genre fiction." Details at the link. [The Wordsmith's Forge]


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FREEBS72..The Flying Sumo

new wave fabulism???—-ok never heard of that before

the new weird—-Thats right Ladies & Gents, step right up and have a look see at THE NEW WEIRD! It's not the old weird, but the NEW WEIRD!

transrealism—-And here I thought reaslism didn't have genders, let alone crossdressers!?!?!?