Get Lost In These Hypnotic Swarms And Swirls Of Schooling Fish

When fish move together in a single school, they can sometimes resemble one massive organism that changes its shape depending on how it needs to travel. From mesmerizing vortexes to shoals that scatter before larger fish, these piscine movements each have their own kind of beauty.


A giant school of Anchovies, migrating through La Jolla, California, 2014

A vortex of fish

Sardine Run, off Port St Johns, South Africa

A huge group of fishes off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida

Striped eels

Tiny fishes around the shore of Wangi Wangi in the Wakatobi National Park, south of Sulawesi island, Indonesia

Reef sharks in a huge shoal of fish, off the coast of Kuredu island, Maldives

A large group of fish at Monterrey Aquarium,2010

A tornado-like swarm of jack tuna

Asian carp, an invasive fish in the Illinois River

A cloud of jellyfish

Swarm in various forms

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