Few would argue that Edgar Wright is one of the most exciting filmmakers out in the world today. He’s made only four features, but each is infused with a uniquely palpable style and energy. Now, we’ll get to see what that looks like in animation.

Wright will direct and co-write an animated film for DreamWorks about shadows. His co-writer? None other than comedian and author David Walliams, best know for the show Little Britain.


“My first endeavors in filmmaking as a teenager were in animation, so it was hugely intriguing to get a call from DreamWorks Animation about potentially directing,” said Wright in a press release. “When the Shadows concept was suggested to me, I could see the poster, the title sequence and pretty much the whole movie. It’s a blast writing this and to have one of my oldest friends in comedy, David Walliams, along for the adventure is a thrill.”

DreamWorks had been working on a movie called Me and My Shadow several years ago, and while the idea of shadows remains, the projects themselves are unrelated.


“Edgar will spearhead a new approach to this fascinating concept and we’re ecstatic to have him onboard as director along with David as co-writer,” said Bonnie Arnold and Mireille Soria, co-presidents of DreamWorksFeature Animation, in a statement. “We’ve always been intrigued by a film concept involving shadows, and now with Edgar’s signature comedic style and abilities as a natural storyteller, audiences will be treated to a truly captivating and energetic tale.”

While this news is, obviously, incredibly exciting, don’t start lining up for tickets just yet. Wright is about to start production on his music-driven heist movie, Baby Driver, which will be released March 17, 2017. That’ll take up a huge chunk of time. And while animation is the rare medium filmmakers can work on while doing other things, these projects also take a incredibly long time. I’d imagine this film won’t be out until the end of the decade, if then. But it should be worth the wait.

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Image Credits: Wikipedia, Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Sundance

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