Get A Signed Edition Of Richard Kadrey's Cyberpunk Classic Metrophage

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Before Richard Kadrey was writing the Sandman Slim novels and other thrilling urban fantasy books, he was writing cyberpunk — and now, you can read his classic novel Metrophage, in a new signed edition.

Kadrey has signed the entire first edition of HarperCollins' new version of Metrophage. Here's the novel's synopsis:

In a future not far from our own, Los Angeles has stratified even further. Pockets of wealth and influence seclude themselves behind bars, surrounded by vast territories where anything goes. Welcome to Los Angeles...where anger, hunger and disease run rampant, and life and hope are strictly rationed. This is Jonny's world. He's a street-wise hustler, a black-market dealer in drugs that heal the body and cool the mind. All he cares about is his own survival. Until a strange plague turns L.A. into a city of death—and Jonny is forced to put everything on the line to find the cure. If it can be found. METROPHAGE is an archetype of the cyberpunk/near-future SFF genres, rampant with destabilization/radical change in the social order, A.I., and a civilization reeling from rapid technological change. It's a dark, gritty tale, told as only Kadrey could spin it…and its lesson made only more potent with the passage of time.


The signed special edition of Metrophage is available now.

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Sharaz Jek

I'm probably the only one who thinks this way, but I didn't like the cyberpunk genre at all. Neuromancer just gave me a headache.