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Over at post-apocalyptic site Quiet Earth, we got a glimpse the concept trailer for a movie called Oculista that we hope will actually get made someday. It's a kind of steampunk fairy tale about the ways corporations trick people into doing back-breaking labor (the images of the factory, full of people on bicycles, reminded me of the bicycle factory in Black Mirror's episode "15 Million Merits"). You've got to check it out — it's quite a pretty trailer.


Here's a description of the flick:

Henri Grotowski looks out of the window of an old train speeding through the night with the excitable naivety of someone who has left his small town to make his fortune in the big world; on his lap a battered suitcase and a portable Gramophone. Instead of the ticket inspector, Henri is visited by the mysterious Oculista who offers Henri a look through his magical glasses.

Henri arrives at a deserted train station where his suitcase and Gramophone are instantly stolen by the beautiful but wild-looking, mute Hanna who lives in a hidden space under the station. Before he can retrieve his luggage, Henri is picked-up by a representative of the city who drives him through a labyrinth of tunnels into an impressive factory. Through the tall windows of the factory, Henri sees the beautiful and stylish, dark-golden cityscape all around him. Henri is told that people have to earn their place in the city by working in the factory for a while.

After overcoming his initial surprise, Henri starts to get hooked by the factory which does not only represent the gate to life in the city but also rewards workers with regular "hypnotic leisure-experiences". It looks as though Henri might lose himself in the intricate dynamics of the new world when a deeper longing makes him wander back to the train station where he develops a secret relationship with Hanna. The two of them have playfully intimate, poetic moments together while listening to the crackly music of Henri's Gramophone.


Learn more, and see more cool film culture, at Quiet Earth.

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