Get a First Look at The Returned, The Other Back-From-the-Dead Show

On March 9th, A&E will premiere The Returned, their entry in the increasingly popular "people return from the dead years later in a small town" genre. Quick question: Does this look a lot like the original French show it's based on, or is it just me?

Seriously, though, the bus, the bathroom scene, the veil... it's all very much taken from the original series. Which isn't a bad thing, necessarily. Les Revenants is definitely the best version of this show we've had so far, so they can't go too wrong trying to capture the same feel. But executive producer Carlton Cuse has said a lot that they're going to deviate from the other show a fair bit. This does not back up that assertion.

Here's a trailer for Les Revenants for comparison:

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Toast Soup

So this is just a darker, scarier version of ABC's Resurrection? Isn't Resurrection based on the same book as this show? *confused*