Get a Big Look Inside the Next Adventure Zone Graphic Novel

There’s a murder to solve in Magnus, Merle, and Taako’s next comic adventure!
Image: Carey Pietsch (First Second Books)

Last year, the first graphic novel adaptation of the McElroy brothers’ wildly successful RPG podcast The Adventure Zone rocked the comics world, soaring to the top of the New York Times’ trade-fiction bestseller list as the first graphic novel to do so. Now, the gang’s back for a second round—and io9 has a look inside!

Reuniting the McElroy family—brothers Griffin, Justin, and Travis, and father Clint—with Carey Pietsch, the co-adaptor and illustrator of the first comic, Here Be Gerblins, First Second’s next Adventure Zone graphic novel is Murder on the Rockport Limited, an adaptation of the podcast’s second campaign storyline.

Image: Carey Pietsch (First Second Books)

The story follows the party of human Fighter/Rogue Magnus Burnsides, dwarven Cleric Merle Highchurch, and elven Wizard Taako as their quest takes them aboard the titular Rockport Limited train line—only to find themselves wrapped up in a murder mystery aboard the train they must work together to solve before it arrives in the city of Neverwinter. Excited? Well, get even more excited, because io9 is proud to reveal this 15-page sample from the book below. Check it out!

The Adventure Zone: Murder on the Rockport Limited is set to hit shelves July 16, 2019. If you want a copy, you can check out where to preorder the book right here.


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