Get A Better Look At Peter Jackson's Purgatory

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Here are 26 images that will take you deep into the gorgeous afterworld of Peter Jackson's Lovely Bones. The main character, a murdered young woman, lives in a Purgatory that blends New Zealand and American Suburbia, flavored with 1970s kitsch.


The story focuses on the tragic murder of a 14-year-old high schooler, and her journey through purgatory. As she drifts through pop culture-enhanced dreams, her family struggles with the mysterious circumstances surrounding their daughter's murder. The murderer, played by a deeply disturbing Stanley Tucci, goes about his everyday life next door to the grieving family. These images really give you a feel for how special effects master Jackson played with the colors of the 70s, on Earth and in the afterlife.

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This looks beautiful. I loved this book and these images have me very excited about the movie.