Geronimo! First Work-Safe Look At The New X-Rated Doctor Who Spoof

Doctor Who's mysterious time traveler has been many things. The Oncoming Storm. The Last of the Time Lords. The protector of the innocent. But now, he's becoming... a porn star? Behold an exclusive safe-for-work look at the new X-rated Doctor Who spoof, from the folks who brought you Game of Bones.

From Lee Roy Myers, who also directed a Buffy the Vampire Slayer porn parody, we get a Doctor Who spoof that puts the "horny" into "timey wimey." It's going up in four parts today, with the first part going up right about now on


This version of Who features both the Tennant and Smith Doctors, plus a slew of characters from nuWho, including "River Dong." What else do you expect from a parody called Doctor Whore? (Side note: All my friends agree it should have been called Dick-tor Who instead.) Also present: the merciless Cyber-semen. Plus there's a whole lot of chanting of "Ex-sperminate!"

Basically, porn spoofs are where puns go to die.

With that out of the way, here's the exclusive nudity-free trailer, which is chock full of in-jokes. And you'll never look at fish fingers and custard the same way again:

And here are some exclusive pictures from Woodrocket's Who parody:


We paid tribute to the long history of porn spoofs here (including two previous Doctor Who spoofs, the most bizarre of which was Doctor Loo and the Phaleks.) Warning: link below is very NSFW:


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