Gerard Butler's Game Is Tron 2.0

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Directors Brian Neveldine and Mark Taylor brought the hyperactive film Crank to theaters last year, and now they're hard at work on Game with 300's Gerard Butler. We know it's a science fiction film set in the future when video games control the world, but what the hell is the movie all about?

We've heard it compared to the video game series Sim City, although it sounds more like a version of the Schwarzenegger / Stephen King film The Running Man than anything else. Gerard Butler plays a convict who is forced to compete in the games. If he wins 30 matches, then he gets set free. Pretty straightforward, right?

Not so fast. costar Alison Lohman let it slip today that although Gerard plays the gamer convict, there's also a player playing him. Which brings us full circle to 1982's Tron. In that movie, we were shown how the "players" in the games were basically slaves serving out sentences under the evil Master Control Program. In one memorable scene, one of the players in the popular "Light Cycles" game dies, and we see two kids playing the game in an arcade. They shrug their shoulders and walk off, having unknowingly killed off some poor sucker.


So if you take one part The Running Man (win the game to be set free) and toss in a bit of Death Race 2000 (the government forces you to play in a game that is popular all over the nation) and mix it liberally with Tron (human gamers controlling the lives of players), you'll come out with Game... or a big tasteless mess of bubbling goo.

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