George W. Bush Escaping From New York?

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First he's playing the current president of the United States in Oliver Stone's new biopic, and next Josh Brolin could be sent to rescue the president of the U.S. from an alternate dystopia. A French site reports that Brolin is in talks to star in the remake of Escape From New York, which was originally set to star Gerard Butler. And a new rumored title for the film raises some interesting questions about its storyline this time around.

According to Spielberg News, the remake of John Carpenter's classic will be called New York 1997, not Escape From New York. As in the original, convicted criminal Snake Plissken gets sent into Manhattan, which is now a maximum-security prison, to rescue the U.S. president who's crashed there. The film is still looking for a director, now that Brett Ratner and Len Wiseman have bailed.

The 1981 original was set in 1997, which is now our past. You'd think the safe thing to do would be to set the remake in 2020 or thereabouts, but it sounds as though the producers want it to be an alternate past. Which I'm kind of excited about, actually. We've had tons of dystopian futures, but how many dystopian alternate pasts have we had? Especially if the 1997 president is a messed up alternate version of Bill Clinton — or Bob Dole, maybe. Of course, the French site could be on crack, or I could be mis-translating. [Spielberg News via MTV Movies]

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I don't agree that Escape From L.A. sucked. Carpenter was quoted as saying that the secret to a sequel is making it exactly the same as the original, but just making it different enough so no one notices.

It was a fun continuation of the original!

Regarding the reboot, I can't imagine why'd you want to remake this and place it in 1997 again. Huh? It's a remake not a reboot? But, but... why?

Wouldn't you want to make the film more funny by dishing on the latest worries and angst of the world? Shouldn't the movie begin by showing Al Gore being elected president for life after the oceans rise 50 feet? And Gore turning into a megalomaniacal tyrant who turned out to have started the crisis intentionally?

Hmm, that's not bad.

Give me a call, Josh Brolin's agent.