George Takei's official, totally real perfume is named "Eau My"

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Oh, indeed.

This perfume — which I feel I need to stress is real and which can be ordered here, although there's a bit of a backlog — comes out December 15th and was obviously designed by none other than Star Trek star George Takei himself. The official description reads:

Set Phasers to Stunning. George Takei's Eau My is a clean, refreshing fragrance for Men and Women. Subtle and charming, with top notes of mandarin zest, Italian bergamot and fresh ozone transitioning to night-blooming jasmine, white freesia petals and grated ginger. Sensual woods, crystalized amber, soft skin musk, and vetiver will delight you when dry.


The makers don't say it, but I think we all know this perfume is mined directly from George Takei's personal sweat glands, as this is the scent he normally exudes. Personally, I would have thought Takei to be more of a sandalwood and rosewater-type, but whatever. I trust his nose more than mine.

Photo: Pete Hottelet / Omni Consumer Products.

[Geeks Are Sexy via The Mary Sue]

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