George Takei guest stars on Spider-Man plus a bizarre Pac-Man revival

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This week in the world of cartoons, Jake has to save Jake Jr. from some serious trouble on Adventure Time, George Takei makes an appearance on Ultimate Spider-Man, and SheZow gets down and dirty in a WWE-style cage match.

Tranformers Prime is off for a couple of weeks. As always - minor spoilers ahead!

Ultimate Spider-Man – "Journey of the Iron Fist"

Iron Fist is fleshed out a bit in this episode, as Spider-Man joins the Fist on a visit to the city of K'un L'un. George Takei voices one of the citizens of K'un L'un, with the Scorpion making the visit more than a simple vacation.


Adventure Time – "One Last Job"

Jake Junior is being held hostage, with kidnappers leaving a VHS tape with instructions for Jake to ensure his daughter's safety. The mission - get Jake's old gang back together for one more heist.

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures – "The Adventure Begins Part I & II"

I like Pac-Man - hell, it's one of the greatest arcade games of all-time - and this show has some nice visuals, but I'm not sure why a show about gun-toting Pac-Men exists. Former Marvel Comic executive Avi Arad is helming this new take on the Pac-Man franchise, a franchise with a video game series in the vein of the cartoon coming out soon. The series starts airing this Saturday on Disney XD.


Regular Show – "Meteor Moves"

A once in a life meteor shower leads Eileen, Margaret, Mordecai and Rigby to Makeout Mountain for observation purposes. Will the super-shy Mordecai get some alone time with Margaret?


SheZow – "Glamageddon & Shezap"

SheZow takes on her former colleague Terra in a WWE-style cage match with light sabers during "Glamageddon". Where's Cactus Jack and the ever-lonely Virgil?


Teen Titans Go! – "Gorilla"

Beast Boy goes on a rampage in this episode - he steals the leadership role of the Titans from Robin by sitting on the young ward after morphing into a big green gorilla.


Top image courtesy of Disney XD and Marvel Comics. SheZows air on The Hub. Teen Titans Go! airs Tuesday nights and Saturdays on Cartoon Network. Adventure Time and Regular Show air Monday nights on Cartoon Network. Ultimate Spider-Man airs Sunday Mornings on Disney XD while Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures airs Saturdays on DisneyXD.


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Anyone knows when TMNT is coming back ? I'm starting to have withdrawal symptoms, it's not pretty...