George Romero's Marvel Comic Empire Of The Dead Is Heading To Television

Illustration for article titled George Romeros Marvel Comic iEmpire Of The Dead/i Is Heading To Television

There’s going to be a new zombie comic book getting a TV show soon, and it has nothing to do with The Walking Dead. Oh, and did we mention there will be vampires, too?

Empire of the Dead, written by Romero himself, is set years after a zombie plague has ravaged New York City, with vampires swarming in to gain control of what’s left of the human population. Romero will carry on over from the comic and pen the adaptation with Peter Grunwald, and both will also produce the series for Demarest.

With The Walking Dead (and soon Fear the Walking Dead) currently dominating the television zombie space, it’ll be interesting to see if a Romero-backed take on the shambling undead hordes can take off. Will vampires be enough for people to see a difference? Let’s hope so. I can’t attest to having read Empire, but vampires and zombies sounds like it could be a lot of fun.


[Via Variety]

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