George Orwell Was Actually Born on This Animal Farm in India

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For the first year of his life, George Orwell lived on a farm in India, very much like the place he eventually described in his famous parable Animal Farm. Now the place is being turned into a museum to honor the author — but not in a way that Orwell would have liked.


On the BBC, Suhail Haleem writes about the small farm whose tenants are being evicted to make way for the Orwell museum:

This was poppy country back then, and Orwell's father worked for the opium department of the British government, overseeing the production and storage of the drug before it was exported to China.

More than a century after the Orwells left, the dilapidated colonial-era bungalow is being turned into a museum. The four families who have been living in it are in the process of being unceremoniously turfed out - a move it's hard to imagine Orwell approving of.

Among them are Aditya Abhishek, a government employee, his mother and a younger brother. He was born here 29 years ago, "narrowly missing 1984", he says with a smile.

"That's something I share with George Orwell," he tells me. "We were both born in the same house, but he became famous, I didn't."

You can read more about the farm where Orwell began his life on the BBC.



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