Geoff Johns Is Returning to Comics Writing

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And it’s a pretty reasonable assumption to make that he’ll be the writer behind anything Watchmen-related that happens this year in DC Rebirth.


Johns hasn’t actually spent that much time away from the world of DC Comics—his final work before taking a break due to his new role over the DC films was last years’ Rebirth #1, which introduced the new DC comics lineup. But in a list of DC-related events he is looking forward to this year Johns shared on Twitter, his number one was a confirmation that he’ll be back to writing new comics this year alongside his in DC’s movie projects:


The image that Johns shared with the announcement is one likely to set a few alarm bells ringing, considering it’s of Watchmen’s Dr. Manhattan—revealed in Rebirth #1 as a potentially malevolent force who’s stolen a decade of memories from the DC universe and seemingly killed the cosmic entity who helped make the New 52.

Ever since DC dropped the bombshell that it was integrating Watchmen into the DC universe, they’ve teased a very slow burn with regards to how they’ll approach bringing in the characters from Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and John Higgins’ seminal graphic novel into DC’s comics. It looks like, in least some ways, Johns will be part of that slow introduction this year.

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Still not a big fan of integrating Watchmen into the DCU, but Rebirth has been surprisingly good so far. Plus, the hints we’ve gotten in Titans have been pretty interesting so far.