General Hospital Does Some Bizarre Doctor Strange Product Placement

Credit: Screengrab via YouTube
Credit: Screengrab via YouTube

General Hospital, the long-running ABC soap opera, has been dragged into Disney and Marvel’s surging megaverse of cross-promotion and product placement.


The October 12 episode includes a scene where characters Ned and Olivia are sharing a romantic moment, as is wont to happen on a soap opera. But it’s not just any romantic moment, it’s one brought to you by Doctor Strange, the new hit Marvel movie coming to theaters November 4. As the pair discusses getting together, or back together, or hooking up (I don’t watch soaps, okay?), Olivia name-drops it like it’s hot.

“Well, you know Doctor Strange is about to hit theaters pretty soon,” she offers, ready for romance and superheroic thrills in equal measure.


“If I can’t see that movie with you, I won’t see it. It won’t be the same,” he counters, agreeing to share a moment of magic that only two hours of Doctor Strange onscreen can provide.

I know Marvel is all about cameos and crossovers, but does Disney really need to drag a 53-year-old soap opera into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Given the fact that General Hospital is television’s longest-running soap, I think they’ve earned some seniority. Don’t force them to do the same crap CBS did with Hawaii 5-0 and Subway sandwiches.

Besides, I don’t think Aunt Becky is going to watch that scene and go, “Olivia and Ned are so keen to see it, maybe I should check out that upcoming Marvel movie too.” She’s too busy wondering when Sonny will stop taking the blame for Morgan’s death, and whether Tracy is going to confront Lucy. I had to watch a couple of episodes to find where this scene came from, people. I might be addicted to General Hospital now. Send help.



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Forgetting the use of ridiculous super science, the supernatural, aliens, clones, perfect IMF facemasks, mind control, every character dying and coming back to life, often more than once, with more regularity than any comic book (usually preceded by both amnesia and an evil twin of some kind) etc., in storylines this is a show that had Mikkos Cassedine (played by John Colicos!!! JOHN COLICOS!!!!), as an insane mastermind who tried to take over the world with a weather machine powered by the Ice Princess (the world’s largest diamond) and this mere mention of a movie is what you consider bizarre?

(Though I admit the placement seems badly done or hamfisted.)

[edit] eta I feel I should mention the use of the weather machine was pre-Cobra.