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Gene Wolfe's Out of Print Classics Now Available as e-Books

Illustration for article titled Gene Wolfes Out of Print Classics Now Available as e-Books

Gene Wolfe was just named the 2012 Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master. But that's not the only excellent news — Tor Books is reissuing 19 of Wolfe's classic books, which were out of print, in e-book formats. Including The Urth of the New Sun. And Peace, which has a brand new afterword by Neil Gaiman. Details, including a complete list, at the link. []


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Dr Emilio Lizardo

My Gene Wolfe story that I post frequently.

I infrequently get to see Gene Wolfe and I have received copies of books from him as gifts. I saw him once and he asked if I had gotten around to reading "The Wizard/Knight." I had to tell him no, I had decided to read Joe Haldeman's latest book instead. He was clearly upset and told me that the next time he saw Haldeman, he was going to punch him in the nose. I felt bad so I explained that Wolfe's books were hard, complex, required all my attention and I had to save them for when I had plenty of time and could concentrate on them fully. Haldeman was easier and that was what I had time for lately. Mr Wolfe got thoughtful, visibly preened a little and said "forget punching him. The next time I see Joe, I'm going to tell him that you said that!"