Genderqueer Fisher Accidentally Steals A Selkie's Skin In This Webcomic

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If you've been looking for a webcomic that features gender nonbinary characters and relationships outside of the heteronormative while telling a rich fantasy story, look no further than Sfé R. Monster's Eth's Skin, set in a world of floating townships, pesky fairies, and selkies with magical skin.

In a magical version of British Columbia, Eth lives a relatively simple life in city that floats upon rafts. Eth fishes, hangs out with their friends, and occasionally ventures onto land to visit the remote homes of beachwalkers. But Eth's world is shaken up when Eth mistakenly picks up a selkie's skin and finds they can't let go of it.

It's wonderful that Monster (who writes and draws, with inks by Skin Deep creator Kory Bing) has created a world where nonbinary characters and same-sex relationships are perfectly ordinary, but what's especially compelling about Eth's Skin is the fantastical construction of the world.


This is a place where humans live in harmony with merfolk and aquatic mammals, where magic is small and personal (one might trade away one's sense of balance, for example, to a supernatural being, or where a small charm to keep away fairies). It makes the world, for all of its strange creatures, feel firmly grounded. It's also a world that feels very lived in. The dialogue exposes the long (and not always easy) relationships between the characters and the homes are filled with cozy clutter. It will be interesting to see how Monster continues to build the world now that Eth will have to embark on a quest to right her mistake with that unfortunate skinless selkie.

Eth's Skin is mildly NSFW for non-sexual nudity.

[Eth's Skin]


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Very nice ink. I like the tone and lore of the comic a lot.