Geek Guys: This Is Exactly How You Hassle Geek Girls, So Stop It

A cautionary tale. This Buzzfeed video about "If Geek Girls Acted Like Geek Guys" may be more instructional than outright funny, but it's definitely worth watching to see the hassle that some nerdy men needlessly put nerdy women through in reverse.


The real tragedy is that condescension is a better treatment than outright scorn, which is also far too common a response when women enter nerdy places like comic shops. I've said it before and I've said it again: If you've ever once felt ostracized or looked down upon for your nerdy passions or hobbies, you have the moral imperative to be as accepting and supportive of other nerds — all other nerds — as you can. Because you know. And knowing is, of course, half the battle. The other half? Don't be an asshole.

[Via Uproxx]


Rob Bricken

Dear every dude saying and about to say "But I don't treat women this way!" Great! Thanks! Problem solved!


...oh wait, the problem isn't solved. So maybe we'll all continue to talk about it and keep it in the popular discussion and maybe force people who do have this problem to think about it the next time they start belittling some girl who makes the mistake of trying to buy a goddamn comic book.

If you don't discriminate, great. Give yourself a gold star. But stop pretending like your personal lack of shittiness means the problem doesn't exist. Because you aren't helping, you're just failing to do more harm.