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The new trailer for Malaysian superhero action-comedy Cicakman 2 is online, and it's pretty great. The film-makers downplayed the film's comedy elements in favor of more action and better special effects this time around, and I'm cautiously excited. As we mentioned a while back, Cicakman 2 played at the Pusan International Film Festival in Korea, and it's set to open December 11. Watch the trailer below, and then learn more about what the gecko-themed hero unexpectedly has in common with James Bond.

Directed by Yusul Abdul Halim, a member of Malaysian hip-hop group KRU, the Cicakman movies feature Hairi, a loser who works in a lab in the city of Metrofulus — until one day he swallows some coffee that's been infused with a weird experimental gecko virus. Then he starts making weird gecko noises and sticking to walls, not unlike a certain other web-slinging hero. He faces the evil Professor Klon, who's trying to take over Metrofulus using deadly viruses. In the more action-oriented sequel, Professor Klon is back — but this time he's got the same aim as the villain of the new James Bond movie, to control the water supply. Klon aims to accomplish this by using something called "Black Planet." The heavies from the first film, the Ginger Boys, are also back, and there's a new villain, an assassin named Rrama who takes pleasure in killing. (I think she's the one posing and rampaging in the trailer.) Cicakman gets some help from a female feng-shui master and his dead best friend. The movie will be released simultaneously in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. [New Straits Times]


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