Gay Penguins Hatch And Raise A Penguin Baby

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Sexual experimentation on the part of German penguins has concluded with one happy couple, and their adopted chick. Let the gay penguins of the world be an example to the rest of you.

In 2005 the German zoo attempted to test sexual orientation of homosexual penguins. According to the BBC, "Three pairs of male penguins had been seen attempting to mate with each other and trying to hatch offspring from stones." The zoo tried to fly in female penguins to get the males to mate with them, but gay rights activists protested, and the zoo decided to see if the male penguins really could make a family on their own.

So the zoo went ahead and gave the aquatic birds an abandoned egg to rear:

"Z and Vielpunkt, both males, gladly accepted their 'Easter gift' and got straight down to raising it," said a zoo statement.


Fast forward to today, and you have a healthy and happy baby chick ready for its own sitcom (I'm going to call it, Two And A Half Penguins.)

The fathers have been behaving, "just as you would expect a heterosexual couple to do. The two happy fathers spend their days attentively protecting, caring for and feeding their adopted offspring."

Penguins, the forward thinking socially embracing animals of tomorrow.

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refusing to fly in female penguins take a lot of the weight out of the 'naturally occurring' argument, at least in appearance. if they're 'wired' gay and it's not environmental conditioning then the presence of females should be immaterial and tacitly stating it isn't by protesting females being added lends undo credence to the argument that it's a choice based on circumstance.