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Gawker Media Seeks Community Management Interns

Gawker Media seeks a few brave interns to work in comments and serve our beloved communities. The interns will work on behind-the-scenes administrative tasks and quality oversight. Applicants should have several days per week to devote to these duties. Strong communication skills, familiarity with Gawker Media blogs and commenting communities, and excellent decision-making abilities a must. New York City-based is preferred, but remote applicants will be considered. College internship credit available to those who qualify. Send email with bio, resume, commenter username and subject line 'Community Internship' to communityintern (at) gawker dot com.


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Will these interns also answer emails?

I ask 'cause the few I've sent to io9 editors have been throughly ignored.

It's not like I'm a spammer or a troll, so I'd expect a little common courtesy in the form of a reply.