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Gather Around for io9's Weekly Game of Thrones Spoiler-Laden Discussion Zone

Jon and Arya looking at...something, possibly preparing for...something.
Jon and Arya looking at...something, possibly preparing for...something.
Image: Helen Sloan (HBO)

A lot happened on last week’s premiere—but with only six episodes in the entire eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, a lot’s gonna happen every week until the very end. And what do we love almost as much as watching Game of Thrones? Talking about Game of Thrones! That’s why we have this weekly discussion zone, to chat with other io9 readers about the latest from Westeros.

Illustration for article titled Gather Around for io9s Weekly iGame of Thrones /iSpoiler-Laden Discussion Zone

Seriously, if you haven’t watched tonight’s episode, and you care at all about spoilers, you better run like there’s an undead ice dragon chasing after you! Everyone else, head on down to the comments and join the discussion.


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  • Damn, Bran, that’s a hell of a burn
  • Jaime: “OMG! Brienne and I are total BFFs now!!!”
  • Bran: STARE
  • Arya’s going to be a dominatrix assassin one day
  • Gendry: I’m terrified and aroused
  • Lay off the drugs, Bran
  • The Kingslayer Brothers together again!
  • I’m pretty sure that Cersei’s baby ain’t a baby
  • Jaime/Brienne: All the feels - now kiss!
  • Sansa’s starting to dress more and more like Cersei, and her inflection at times reminds me of Cersei as well
  • I’m pretty sure there’s a scene on the cutting room floor where Dany and Sansa braid each other’s hair
  • Theon & Sansa: T_T
  • Anyone else have ‘One Day More’ from Les Misérables running through their head?
  • Recruit the girl for Lyanna’s child army. She doesn’t have one? Huh.
  • Grey Worm’s gonna die
  • Hello Tormund, my favorite redhead <3
  • Tormund won’t be happy to see this Jaime/Brienne chemistry
  • Uhhh, I think they’re forgetting that the Night King has a dragon
  • Tormund – I bet they call you Giantsbane because of your huge peni- ohhhhhh. Well, ummm, You and Luke Skywalker would get along, the two of you could swap milk stories.
  • I may be wrong, I think Tormund would be down for a threesome
  • Still waiting for a Hound/Arya spinoff
  • Arya wins for best line in the episode
  • Soooo, not a projectile bit could be used as one like our javelin champion, the Night’s King
  • Damn Arya.
  • DAMN ARYA. HOLY SHIT – that ship is sailing. GET IT, GURL!
  • Jaime/Brienne: I was wrong before, here comes more feels
  • Hey, Sam - “What makes a man? Is it the power in his hands? Is it his quest for glory? Give it all you’ve got, to fight to the top So we can know your story”
  • Hi, Auntie
  • Daenerys: Nephew, shmephew, don’t you dare try to take my throne!

Not a lot of humour to be found in this episode. Next week I’ll be late with my summary because my Avengers: Endgame tickets are for Sunday evening. D’oh!  >_<