Gary Oldman's Blind Sex Prize is A Flashdancer

Jennifer Beals is joining the cast of the post apocalyptic thriller The Book Of Eli. Famous for her roles in Flashdance and as the sex addicted Bette Porter in The L Word, Beals should be able to keep up with heavy hitters Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman on set — at least we're hoping so, because I'd hate to get in that acting crossfire. Beals will be playing —I kid you not — "Oldman's sexual prize and [Mila] Kunis' mother, a blind woman doing anything she can to protect her child." Fantastic. [The Hollywood Reporter]


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Jennifer Beals was actually already in a movie with Denzel Washington, 'Devil in a Blue Dress'. But even more importantly, Gary Oldman was married to Uma Thurman when she was 20. That's like the ultimate sexual prize.