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After civilization crumbles and almost all knowledge has been lost, at least people will retain the secrets of method acting, thanks to Gary Oldman. He's playing Denzel Washington's nemesis in the post-apocalyptic movie The Book Of Eli. In the film, Washington plays a warrior who traverses the globe after a terrible cataclysm and saves everyone with knowledge — and Oldman wants to take away his precious book of wisdom.Oldman wants sole possession of Eli's magic book o' smarts, and is willing to fight him for it. Sigh, so this end of the world movie is really just about "knowledge is power"? I was ready for a raggedy-clothes throw down between these two great actors. Still perhaps just the attachment of both Washington and Oldman speaks enough for the script. Plus it's being directed by the Hughes Brothers, who made Menace II Society and the vastly underrated From Hell, by far the best Alan Moore graphic novel adapation to date. The Book Of Eli is going to start production this upcoming January and has a tentative release date on January 15, 2010. [Variety]

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