Gary Oldman says this might be the best Batman movie yet. Plus why Iron Man 3 might be like a Tom Clancy story!

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Director Shane Black is bringing Iron Man 3 into a realer world. Noomi Rapace explains why her character in Ridley Scott's Prometheus isn't just a Ripley clone. Plus a super spoiler-y look at Doctor Who's possible big bad!


Spoilers from here on out!

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The Dark Knight Rises

Commissioner Gordon portrayer Gary Oldman offers this vague - but exciting! - update:

"I have not read the script, but I have spoken to Chris Nolan about the story. I think it's fantastic. You think... you can't top The Dark Knight, but I think he may have."

Oldman also said he joins the rest of the cast in May for the start of principal photography. [The Daily Blam]

Avatar 2

Michelle Rodriguez says the sequel will take place underwater, although it isn't at all clear how she would know this, considering the movies are still years away, James Cameron tends to be ultra-secretive, and her death in the first movie makes it weird that she would be privy to exclusive information about the sequel. Indeed, she might well just be repeating Cameron's own vague statements about exploring Pandora's oceans in the second movie. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Iron Man 3

Newly confirmed director Shane Black reportedly discussed the movie at the Omaha Film Festival. There are no direct quotes — so take all of this with a grain of salt until we get some sort of more official confirmation, but the initial reports are intriguing. Black reportedly confirmed that he is writing the script, and that this movie will do away with the already tired element of two men in metal suits fighting each other which we saw in the first two films. In fact, Black supposedly likened this third movie to Tom Clancy movies like Patriot Games or Clear and Present Danger, saying Iron Man will take on real world - or at least, more realistic - villains this time around. Black also reportedly stated that there will be no other superheroes in the movie, and the crossover elements will be confined to The Avengers movie(s) from here on out. Again, none of this should be considered official until we get some corroborating sources, but far, I like where this is going. [First Showing]



Star Noomi Rapace confirmed the movie's connections to the Alien series, and she said the shoot will last as long as six months. She also offered these details on her character Elizabeth Shaw, and how she compares to Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley:

"She's definitely her own [character]. She's a scientist and is very bright. "She's a believer. I think there are some similarities, but she's very much her own. I don't think people will compare her so much to Ripley once they see the movie."


[MTV Movies Blog]

Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz costar Rafe Spall has reportedly been cast in a "big role", which most likely means he's a crew member on board the ship. [The Daily Mail]


The Hunger Games

I Am Number Four's Alex Pettyfer again confirmed that he has been approached to play Peeta Mellark, but he is still waiting to see a script. Considering he is 21, his potential casting seems to tip the scales in favor of the 20 year old Jennifer Lawrence for Katniss Everdeen, rather than the teenage actresses also under consideration. [/Film]


Source Code

Here's a couple awesome posters for Duncan Jones's new movie.


Oldboy director Park Chan-wook's English language debut reportedly stars Nicole Kidman and Alice in Wonderland's Mia Wasikowska as mother and daughter who lose their husband/father, and are then visited by a deeply strange brother-in-law/uncle. Now here's where it gets interesting - the strange uncle may actually be a vampire, and he's reportedly being played by Colin Firth, who was awesome long before he won some silly award(s). Anyway, that hasn't been confirmed just yet, so we'll wait to hear some official confirmation. [The Daily Mail]


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Trent Reznor confirmed that he's scoring the movie and that he will be playing Jack Barts, the vampire who kills Lincoln's mother. But, he explains, that cameo was supposed to be a secret:

"While discussing the film with Timur he started gently pressing me to play a small role in the film. The idea was a cameo-esque role that would be kept under wraps and be a surprise around opening night. I was considering this when I awoke a few days ago to the news I am now STARRING in ALVH (which is obviously not true). F—-. We both apparently forgot the internet existed AND THERE ARE NO SURPRISES anymore. So... do me a favor and act surprised, OK?"


[Nine Inch Nails Forum]


Here's some new images from the upcoming reboot. [Conan Movie Blog]

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Star Robert Downey, Jr. explains how Jared Harris's Professor Moriarty fits into the sequel:

"I think the trouble we ran into is in the books, they refer to him more than they actually see and hear from him, which keeps giving him more power. In a cinematic sense, that won't work. In a book, that's great. I think that was one of the struggles...He's always considered to be the spider at the center of this vast web. We were able to play with the idea, in a period film, what if all of these conspiracies were true and what if they could all be linked to a single individual," he explained. "And that's what made it so great."


[MTV Movies Blog]

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Costar Simon Pegg says first-time live-action director Brad Bird is doing amazing things with the movie, and he also explains why this movie can still be creatively fresh despite being the fourth in the series:

"It's a rebirth for the series. In the same way with what they've done with 'Spider-Man.' I feel like it's a reinvigoration of this particular story. It was a series when it was on TV, so it's a story that can have so many iterations. There are so many adventures to get into with this team of impossible mission fighters."


There's more at the link, including a ton of effusive praise for Bird. [Screen Cave]

Doctor Who

There's a ton of exciting, extremely spoiler-y reports to sort through, including some details on who might be the main villains in the series finale. In case you don't want to know quite that much, we'll start with a casting story and you can just skip right ahead to the next item. Anyway, the episode currently filming - which is thought to be episode 12, is written by Gareth Roberts, and features the return of James Corden as his "The Lodger" character Craig Owens - has reportedly picked up another guest star, as Lynda Baron is reportedly putting in an appearance. Britcom afficianados might know her from Ronnie Barker's Open All Hours, in which she played Nurse Gladys, but old school Doctor Who will recognize her from the quietly awesome Peter Davison serial "Enlightenment", in which she plays the very over-the-top, rather aptly named Captain Wrack. (Hardcore fans will also recognize her as the singer in episode one of the William Hartnell story "The Gunfighters", so she goes back a ways.) [Wales Online]


OK, now for the more seriously spoiler-y parts. It would appear that the Cybermen are going to be all over this new series, and they might be appearing in as many as five separate episodes. Right now, they're rumored for the second half of Matthew Graham's cloning two parter, "Gangers", the midseries finale "Demons Run", episode eight, the series finale, and now Gareth Roberts's episode twelve. Actually, it isn't even much of a rumor at this point for that episode, as a pretty amazing set video (which may or may not get pulled pretty soon) shows Matt Smith, James Corden, and a baby wrestling with a Cybermat. For those unfamiliar, Cybermats are basically small metal worms, roughly the size of a person's hand, that the Cybermen used in the classic series adventures "Tomb of the Cybermen", "The Wheel in Space", and "Revenge of the Cybermen." Whether the reappearance of the Cybermats is evidence that the classic, Mondas versions of the Cybermen will show up is anybody's guess, but let's just say this - even if the Silence is still the ultimate big bad of series six, it looks like the Cybermen might be pretty damn important too. Here's the set video in question:

Speaking of episode twelve, it's worth pointing out that Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill have barely been seen during filming, which suggests this might be another companion-lite episode like "The Lodger." It's not certain if they are filming a corresponding Doctor-lite episode, but there aren't a lot of slots left for it - all that's left is Toby Whithouse's episode 11 which guest stars David Walliams, the mysterious episode 10 which may or may not be written by Richard Curtis, or even Steven Moffat's series finale episode 13...although it seems hugely unlikely that the Doctor would be largely absent from his own finale. [Doctor Who Spoilers]


Finally, a rumor has been floating around that something that happens toward the end of "Demons Run" is reminiscent of something in The Empire Strikes Back. Now there are reports that Doctor Who toy producers have been debuting a new figure at toy fairs that shows the Doctor encased much like Han Solo's imprisonment in carbonite. This is all working on a ton of secondhand information, obviously, so take this all with a grain of salt for now, but it does fit together relatively neatly. In any event, the reports are that the Doctor's carbonite equivalent was transparent, as though it was ice or something like that. [Doctor Who Spoilers; thanks to Michael Dearden for the tips!]


According to John Noble and Jasika Nicole, episode 19 finds Peter, Olivia, and Walter all incapacitated, leaving Astrid to save the day. Nicole says it's this season's most Astrid-centric episode. [Fringe Spoilers]


The Walking Dead

Here's a report on how Frank Darabont is handling the gap in time between seasons:

Darabont wants Season Two to pick up immediately after Season One left off. He hates huge time jumps and wants his characters to be caught up in their current emotional state, reacting to what had just happened. He mentioned they're on "puberty watch" for Chandler Riggs, who plays Rick and Lori's son, Carl, as time passage may be a problem. They could always do the one year later thing once he actually begins to age. Unlike "LOST", they're not bound to the same time rules.


There are more details at the link, including explicit confirmation that Michael Rooker's Merle is not the Governor. [Dread Central]

True Blood

There's a ton of random details floating about and there's no way we can get through them all, so we'll do a quick roundup. Alan Ball confirms that Sookie and Bill will remain broken up, and that "[Bill's] betrayal [of Sookie] is so deep that I don't think she sees a way back from that", joking it could taken "17 seasons" to complete their full story. He also strongly implied that Alcide is a much better match for Sookie right now. There's a bunch more tidbits at the link. [TV Line]


Guest stars this season include the great Gary Cole (Office Space, Chuck, Harvey Birdman) and Harry Potter's Aunt Petunia, Fiona Shaw, who plays the witch Marnie. Plus Bill and Sophie-Anne get locked in a "bite-off", a now amnesiac Eric spends plenty of time with the fairies in search of his memories, and more at the link. [EW]

Sookie is actually locked in a "love pentagon" this year, with Bill, Eric, Alcide, and Sam making up the other points. In the six episodes already shot, she's kissed two men so far, and Alan Ball hints that isn't the end of the story. According to Ball:

"Well, I think certainly there's an attraction [to Eric] that's there on both their parts and she certainly meant everything she said to Bill at the end of last season. I think it's going to be really hard for her to forgive Bill and move beyond that and Eric's there and Eric is available. But things complicate the issue. Maybe something happens to Eric that makes him different from what she knows, and then don't forget about Alcide and for that matter Sam. I don't think he's ever fully given up the torch he carries for her."


Also, just to make things more insane, Ball says that the two kisses thus far don't necessarily both take place in reality. [Fancast]

No Ordinary Family

Here's a longer synopsis for the next episode, "No Ordinary Animal", which airs March 22:

The Powells lives are in danger when a super-villain with animal-like powers is tasked by Mrs. X (Lucy Lawless) to eliminate the family. Meanwhile, good girl Daphne takes a rebellious step by ditching school with boyfriend Chris to attend a Sara Bareilles music video shoot,; JJ becomes suspicious of Mr. Litchfield's motives when he's presented with different equations from those of the rest of the academic decathlon team; and Katie makes a shocking discovery about Joshua - aka The Watcher.



The Event

Here's another featurette to get you all caught up now that the second half of the season is underway. [SpoilerTV]

17th Precinct

We already knew James Callis had been cast on Ronald D. Moore's new show, and now we know what he's playing on the show - reportedly, he's portraying a homicide detective. [Daemon's TV]


Wonder Woman

Cary Elwes's CEO character is reportedly called Henry Detmer, and he has an avuncular relationship with Diana...unless, you know, it turns romantic, which it totally could. [Daemon's TV]


Being Human (US)

Here's some photos and a quick synopsis for episode 9, "I Want You Back (From the Dead)." Here's the description: "Nora and Josh continue to grow closer; Sally tracks down Nicholas Fenn; Aidan checks in with Cindy." [Daemon's TV]



Here's some photos for episode 11, "Pax Romana." [Daemon's TV]


Allison Mack will reportedly return as Chloe for the finale in (at least) a cameo capacity. [TV Line]


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