Gary Is Finally Becoming a Full-Blown Legend

Adam Tsekhman as Gary Green.
Adam Tsekhman as Gary Green.
Screenshot: The CW

Adam Tsekhman’s Gary Green has been one of Legends of Tomorrow’s secret weapons for quite some time now as the character’s gone from being a fruitless agent working for the Time Bureau to a demon-tricking hero who has, on a number of occasions, demonstrated a burgeoning proficiency in powerful magic.


But in Legends of Tomorrow’s upcoming sixth season, Gary’s set to take on a new level of prominence, as Tsekhman has been bumped up to a series regular, reflecting the larger role Gary will play on a team as a proper Legend. Entertainment Weekly reports that season six will delve into Gary’s backstory a bit more deeply and establish that, close as he’s become with his fellow Legends, there’s actually quite a bit about him that they don’t know.

Gary’s origins are said to be more “bizarre” than Legends’ fans might think, which, to be fair, means they might be very bizarre indeed considering what viewers have seen from the show in the past. But it could be a hint at Gary’s story becoming complicated by the new season’s alien-focused adventures.

Gary’s evolution into a proper magic-user under Constantine’s tutelage has made him a competent enough fighter (and not just a support member,) that it makes sense Legends of Tomorrow plans on bringing him deeper into the fold. It will be interesting to see just what all sorts of secrets about Gary that’ll begin coming to light when the series returns some time in 2021.

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io9 Culture Critic and Staff Writer. Cyclops was right.


Given this IS Legends.... what if his “bizzare” backstory is really just a normal upbringing? With a family that is together and cares deeply about their child?

Sure he might have been bullied when he was in school, but he battled through it (internally) and eventually rose to prominence in the Time Bureau