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Gary Dauberman Is Now on Board to Direct the New Salem's Lot Adaptation

Oh, no, a vampire!
Oh, no, a vampire!
Image: Warner Bros./CBS

The Stephen King-assaince continues unabated, braving pandemic and all other obstacles. New Line’s latest adaptation, of King’s 1975 novel Salem’s Lot—not to be confused with Jerusalem’s Lotnow has a director.


Conveniently, he was already the writer: as the Hollywood Reporter shares, Gary Dauberman’s role in the project has expanded, from being just the film’s screenwriter to being its director as well. His first directing gig was last year, when he helmed Annabelle Comes Home, the latest in the series of films about a creepy doll who does some murders. Dauberman’s expanded role will work alongside James Wan, Roy Lee, and Mark Wolper as producers. As a writer, Dauberman already has experience with King, having written both parts of It.


What remains to be seen is whether any director touching this project can ascend to the horror heights of Tobe Hooper, who directed the miniseries version of Salem’s Lot from 1979. No word yet on a release date for Salem’s Lot, but one can assume it will arrive when it’s both spooky and meta enough to satisfy the King adaptational quota.

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New Line’s latest adaptation, of King’s 1975 novel Salem’s Lot—not to be confused with Jerusalem’s Lot

Seems to me the biggest problem with creating some sort of Stephen King Shared Media Universe is that all of the properties are in development at various studios. Castle Rock has played around with the connections, as did the Dark Tower movie, but it seems like it’d be really hard to set up some sort of overarching continuity right now (not that the books aren’t inconsistent as hell).

Me, I think I’d just settle for a decent Talisman miniseries at this point.